Siding Doors in Orange Counties, South Florida

For the best quality siding doors for your home or office in the Orange Counties, South Florida, contact Upgrade General Contractors Inc. today. All of our impact doors have state-wide approval for hurricane protection and can be customized to match the look of your home or office. Their energy-efficient construction will save you money on utility bills. Our suppliers include South Florida industry leaders such as Lawson Industries, PGT Windows, and Eco Window Systems. Call us today at 954-504-6367 for further details.

Choosing the Right Siding Doors Contractor

  • Do You Want New Siding?

Every successful siding project begins with hiring the right contractor. If you are looking to upgrade old vinyl siding to Hardie Siding, a large contractor like Upgrade General Contractors Inc. is the right choice because you will see savings in the product, as they buy in bulk. If that’s in your scope, be sure to check out the contractor’s website and look at some online reviews.

  • Do You Want Your Siding Repaired?

If a siding repair is in your scope, look at a company like Upgrade General Contractors Inc. What sets us apart is our ability to provide a full-service approach to the project. We are dry rot repair experts and can take care of any underlying issue during the discovery process. Next, we can perform a targeted siding repair that integrates the new product with the existing product for a seamless match. Finally, we can bring in a paint crew who can color match the repair, so it looks like you never had an issue.

Impact Door Services Offered by Upgrade General Contractors Inc.

When a storm is bearing down on your home or office in the Palm Beach, South Florida area, you need to feel safe and you want your property to be protected. A top-quality impact door from Upgrade General Contractors Inc., capable of withstanding hurricane-force winds will do just that.
When you need to protect your property, we can provide hurricane-proof options for:

• French Doors
• Sliding Glass Doors
• Entry Doors
• Patio Doors
• Garage Doors

And much, much more!

Why Choose Upgrade General Contractors Inc.?

Upgrade General Contractors Inc. specializes in residential hurricane protection services and commercial construction, including a wide variety of tile roofs, for customers in Conway, Hialeah, Orlando, Surfside, Tamarac, and other parts of our South Florida service area. Whether you need a tile roof to protect a new structure or you need to re-roof in the wake of a storm, we are the tile roof experts in South Florida.

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